Zelya Energy

Our consultants are experts in regulations of power markets in Europe and in the US. They have an in-depth understanding and knowledge of the rules that govern electricity generation, transmission and distribution activities.

Consulting firm, expert, in the electricity markets

More specifically, we offer our clients :

  • Tailored analyses of regulations governing electricity production, transportation, and storage in Europe and in the US; ;
  • Strategic support in terms of entry and expansion into the electricity markets ;
  • Benchmarking studies of connection requirements and access to electricity networks ;
  • Expertise on tariffs and access rules to electrical infrastructures (networks and power stations) ;
  • Simulations of electricity and CO2 market prices for the valuation of electricity production plants.

For twenty years, we have been assisting energy groups, industry players, institutional actors and power network operators such as the French Energy Regulator, RTE, Engie, TotalEnergies, Endesa in these complex markets.

Our consultants are constantly following the regulation of electricity markets not only in Europe, but also in Africa, Asia, and North America. This knowledge allows us to effectively support our clients through administrative procedures, and enhance their understanding of regulation, market players, and pricing.

Consulting firm, expert, in the electricity markets

Examples of work

Assisting the Finistère region in reducing its energy dependence

Description of the rules governing electricity transmission and distribution in Spain and Italy

Strategic analysis of the ARENH mechanism for accessing nuclear electricity

Advice to the Energy Regulator on determining the cost of capital for electric transportation

Strategy for connecting to electricity networks at new production sites

Impact of nuclear maintenance operations on electricity tariffs

Impact of the secondary market for electricity transport capacities on balancing and transmission costs for end consumers

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