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Our services in the hydropower sector are dedicated to plant operators, investors, insurers and energy companies wishing to invest or position themselves in this market.

Zelya Energy has to his credit numerous operations, both in small plants (from 400 kW to 4.5 MW) and in large plants, under European concession schemes or located overseas.

Energy and hydropower market consulting firm

Our firm, with its regulatory, technical, and financial expertise, provides advice at every stage of your projects:

  • What needs to be reviewed when acquiring a hydropower plant?
  • What is the current regulatory framework for renewing hydro concessions in France and other European countries?
  • What income can you expect from a hydropower plant, either through purchase obligation tariffs or electricity market prices?
  • What is the transaction value, the worth, of a hydropower plant?
  • How should a hydropower plant be evaluated, considering factors such as designated flows, water rights, and local taxes?
  • What are the criteria for eligibility under European feed-in tariffs and renovation schemes?
  • How can electricity production be effectively monetized on the open market?

For two decades, we have been supporting conventional and renewable energy producers, industrial players, and institutional actors such as Eneco, BKW, Eos, Alpiq, StatKraft, GEG, the French Deposit and Consignment Fund...

Our expertise covers the areas of intervention presented below:

Experts in data integration and mobile application management for hydropower plants

Application & Dashboard Development

Development of dashboards and data integration for real-time monitoring and management of power plants

Analysis of shutdowns and alerts; automatic generation of weekly and monthly audits

Consulting firm specialized in the energy and hydropower market

Examples of Assignments

Optimization of technical and legal conditions for connecting to the electrical grid

Technical and regulatory due diligence

Analysis of alerts, availability rates, and failure risks of hydropower equipments

Real-time performance monitoring and analysis applications for turbines

Technical-economic feasibility study of a manual-operation dam rehabilitation project

Creation of financial models for the valuation and financing of hydroelectric plants

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