Zelya Energy

Zelya, energy designer

Zelya Energy is an independent consulting firm specialized in energy and environment.

Our services are dedicated to energy groups, investment firms, industrials and governmental bodies.

The consulting services we provide are diverse : firm/asset valuation, entry strategies, energy market regulations, power plant profitability analyses, performance audits.

Zelya's expertise in energy, gas consulting, electricity, applications and digitalization

Analysis and assessment of energy assets

Our expert eye supports your growth and acquisitions in the following areas

hydroelectric plant remote management application

Web application design

& Energy asset management solutions

  • Support in collection, integration and analysis of data in energy
  • Applications that combine expertise in energy assets and intelligent data management to facilitate the operational management of technical divisions
  • Our solutions are intuitive, also designed for managerial divisions wishing to analyze in real time the performance of activities, and make more informed decisions.

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wind farm mobile management application