Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy facilitates and accelerates the development of the activities of natural gas market players throughout the value chain.

Consultants for the European gas market

Specifically, our experts can:

  • assist you in developing and implementing strategies to drive growth and facilitate operational transformations;
  • advise you on gas trading :
    • by providing you insight on market dynamics, players, gas transportation rights and tariffs, storage and access to LNG terminals;
    • by helping you structure and optimize your gas purchases. 
  • assess investment and maintenance plans on a gas transmission system;
  • conduct due diligence on technical and regulatory aspects of gas companies; 
  • assist you in the financial assessment of gas assets, by simulating precisely their revenue and cost flows;
  • adapt or design digital tools, applications, to manage your energy flows intuitively and efficiently;
  • Optimize your real time analyses by integrating external data streams and APIs from gas hubs and network operators.

For twenty years, we have been accompanying energy groups, industrial players and public actors such as European energy regulators, TotalEnergies, Engie, Econgaz..., on operations ranging from a few million to several billion, notably in mergers and acquisitions.

Consultants for the European gas market

Examples of assignments

Strategic and Technical due diligence of GRTGaz network operator in preparation for a capital opening

Assistance in obtaining Southern Europe gas supply licenses

Analysis and comparative study of gas distribution concession regimes

Strategic consulting for the establishment of a midstream gas industry in an African State

Due diligence of combined cycle gas power stations 

Implementation of a strategic plan and an organizational scheme for a new entrant in the Spanish gas market

Strategy for optimal gas transport capacity connection and reservation

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