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With the liberalisation of the European gas markets, the operation of natural gas infrastructures (lng and storage installations) and networks (transmission and distribution) are separated activities, regulated by national authorities.

Other states (in Africa, Eastern Europe, Middle East,...) are now implementing similar opening reforms in their own territories.

Assistance to regulators and network operators

Zelya Energy offers its expertise to national regulatory agencies and to network operators by:

  • Providing benchmarking and diagnostics of tariff setting, rules of access, WACC and incentive/regulated rate-of-return applied to existing and new infrastructures
  • Helping define development strategies that enable natural gas systems to adjust supply and demand
  • Defining a national energy reform or strategy by implementing operational, ownership and administrative unbundling of activities and setting-up new regulatory frameworks

Example of studies provided in Europe

  • Analysis and benchmarking of European regulatory frameworks
  • Comparison of WACC calculation methodologies applied for the regulation of gas networks, storage and lng facilities
  • Setting up of tariffs and Third Party Access rules
  • Strategic consulting relative to the setting up and development of gas midstream companies