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Consulting firm, biomethane injection support

In most European countries, it is now possible to inject renewable natural gas (biomethane) into natural gas distribution and transportation networks.

Injection into natural gas networks thus becomes another outlet for biomethane, which can already be valorised through the production of electricity, heat, electricity and heat (cogeneration), or as biofuel.

In order to support the scheme and guarantee a "gas" grid parity, the State has also implemented a regulated sale price for biomethane as soon as it is injected into the networks and sold to already authorised natural gas suppliers.

The injection and sale of biomethane are activities subject to new and specific regulation. The aim is to ensure the compliance of biomethane with the technical specifications of distribution and transportation networks (quality, pressure, odourisation, injection point, etc.) for injection into the networks, as well as compliance with requirements regarding the characteristics of the installations or components of biomethane for the benefit of regulated sales tariffs.

Eligibility for this new mechanism requires the producer to carry out a certain number of administrative and contractual procedures relating to the guarantee of origin, connection, injection, sale of biomethane to natural gas suppliers, administrative registration of the installation.

Consulting firm, biomethane injection support

Our services

  • Evaluate the opportunity to inject biomethane into networks considering other possible valorisation strategies ;
  • Determine applicable regulated sales tariffs ;
  • Valuate your project for an investor or a partner ;
  • Perform or facilitate administrative and contractual procedures, particularly the connection to the distribution or transportation network for natural gas ;
  • Size the injection point ;
  • ...


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