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Production, transportation, LNG, storage, and natural gas trading activities are subject to precise rules, specific to each country.

Our consultants constantly follow the regulation of gas markets, supply and import conditions in Europe and the United States. They also assist in implementing remuneration rules and access to gas infrastructures on other continents.

Advice and expertise in natural gas market
Advice and expertise in regulation and access conditions to LNG infrastructure and gas transport

More precisely, we offer our clients:

  • Expertise in the rules and conditions for the remuneration of gas infrastructure (transmission networks, storage facilities, LNG terminals);
  • Custom analyses of the operation and regulation of gas markets (nomination rules, conditions for injecting bio-methane, optimization of capacity bookings);
  • Strategic support to develop entry and expansion strategies;
  • Price and cost simulations in the gas markets;
  • Expertise in the conditions for connecting to gas networks.

We have been providing support for twenty years to energy groups, industrialists, institutional players and gas transmission operators, such as energy regulators, Engie, Total, Eneco, Econgaz, la Caisse des Dépôts in this complex market.

Our support also includes the use of this information, by designing analysis tools and systems that allow gas industry players to optimize their forecasts, adjustments and operations.

Advice and expertise in natural gas market

Examples of missions

Advice and recommendations on opportunities to improve competition and access to gas transportation and distribution networks

Strategy consulting for the establishment of a midstream gas industry in an African country

Advice to the Energy Regulator on determining the Weighted Average Cost of Capital for gas networks

Implementation of a strategic plan and organizational model for a new entrant in the Spanish gas market

Analysis of Italian regulatory principles related to the security of gas system supply

Market analysis and price forecasts in the French gas sector; Analysis of contracts and supply conditions and designing a transport optimization tool

Securing and optimizing connection conditions to gas networks for combined gas cycles

European benchmark on tariffs and access conditions to LNG infrastructure

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