Zelya Energy

You are a developer or operator of a power generation installation connected to the distribution (HTA) or transmission (HTB) electricity network, such as a hydroelectric power plant, a wind farm, a photovoltaic solar park, a biomass thermal power plant, a combined cycle gas plant (CCGC).

The regulations require you, in order for it to continue to inject and sell the electricity it produces, to submit your installation to a conformity and performance check for connection.

You are required to do so on several occasions: during the initial commissioning, during a recommissioning after a significant modification or a shutdown for more than two years, during a periodic check or after a malfunction of your installation.

Concretely, you must, under your sole responsibility, proceed to deliver conformity certificates of your equipment and electrical calculation studies. In addition, you must participate, with the network manager, in operations of reconciliations, tests, and checks.

Our services

The project managers and engineers of Zelya Energy will accompany you to facilitate the compliance and performance control of your installation, that is to say for :

  • Validate the list of reconciliations, certificates, tests, studies, checks, surveillance, that must be carried out according to your connection (transmission or distribution) and your situation (first commissioning, recommissioning, periodic check or after malfunction) ;
  • Check the compliance of the electrical sizing of your production installation and obtain the conformity certificates from the manufacturers ;
  • Carry out studies (short-circuit contribution, current harmonic emission, etc.), calculations and optional type simulations (dip ride-through, reactive power production and consumption capacity, frequency exceptional regime endurance, etc.) required by regulations ;
  • Identify, compete, verify the qualifications and supervise the verifying body that you will finally have selected to carry out reconciliations, tests, tests and checks.