Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy is a European and independent consulting firm specializing in energy sectors that assists energy players in their investment and development strategies.

Our firm relies on the regulatory, financial and engineering skills of its consultants to offer a quality service.

Leading consultancy in energy

We offer our clients several fields of expertise:

Sector-specific Technical Expertise:

 Analysis and detailed knowledge of energy actors and markets

 Technical assistance, including equipment audits, diagnostics, and production optimization

 Digital applications for monitoring and analyzing energy flows

Regulatory Expertise:

 Understanding of the conditions of energy production and the use of gas and electricity networks

 Regulation of energy infrastructure operators

 Knowledge of rules and data on energy supply and transport

Investment Expertise:

 Financial valuation,

 Audit and due diligence of assets and companies

As an illustration of our expertise, Zelya Energy has served as an advisor to both private and public entities on regulatory matters concerning gas and electricity transport companies in countries such as France, Spain, Italy, and Great Britain. In addition, we have provided technical and strategic due diligence services.

Zelya Energy has also advised many investment funds on carrying out technical audits, strategic and commercial due diligences of companies in the acquisition phase in energy sectors as diverse as renewable, heat networks, geothermal energy mastery, gas and electricity distribution.

Leading consultancy in energy

Our clients :

Banks and investment funds

Energy players: producers, suppliers, distributors, manufacturers

Industrial customers and consumers

Public agencies and regulators

More client references

Our company includes among our clients major international references and we have intervened on operations which can reach several billion euros in value, particularly in terms of Mergers & Acquisitions.

We rely on a network of energy specialists and nearly 50 professionals across Europe.

For over a decade, our team has also developed powerful know-how and tools to support the digitalization of the sector.

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