Zelya Energy

The projects of Zelya Energy are custom-defined and diverse.

Our assignments range from conducting technical studies and audits, market research, regulatory assessments, due diligence on assets and companies, to strategic analysis.

We have worked with both public and private clients, on projects and territories located in France, Europe and around the world.

Zelya, advice in the functioning of energy markets, their transition and regulation

Regulatory Expertise & Strategy

Studies and assistance on the regulation of gas and electricity infrastructure:

Incentive conditions for renewable energies: regulation, purchase tariffs for the electricity produced, green certificates

Rules and procedures for connection to gas and electricity networks

Stakes and procedures for developing conventional and renewable power plants 

Other tailored studies:

Development strategy in the European gas sector

Sectoral studies: LNG, electricity distribution, green electricity production

Energy diversification strategy and supply security

References of Zelya Energy in advisory for acquisition, investment in energy assets

Acquisition price assessment and investment advice

Due diligence for stakes in infrastructure: LNG, power plants, distribution networks

Diagnostics of companies in the gas and electricity sectors

Revenue simulation & business plan: estimation of future cash flows, validation of operation and investment cost assumptions

Financial modelling; Financial valuation of electricity production assets; Estimation of selling price of a plant, of gas and electricity networks

Advice on the purchase and sale of power plants

References from Zelya Energy in Wind Audit

Audits and technical expertise

Sizing of solar and wind farms and definition of technological choices

Studies of rehabilitation of hydroelectric plants

Studies and optimisation of electrical connection

Site visits and technical audits on behalf of energy groups

Technical due diligence of gas and electricity networks, power plants

Zelya, Data integration and energy dashboard development company

Web applications and dashboards

Web and mobile application for real-time monitoring of your wind and solar production park

Real-time analysis of shutdowns and alarms of power plants; automatic generation of weekly and monthly audits

Management and enrichment by the OpenData of electricity flow databases

Real-time analysis and interpretation systems of electricity production and consumption data

Examples of missions / Case studies

Other examples of intervention :

  • Assignment to value the weighted average cost of capital for French gas and electricity infrastructures ;
  • Analysis of the performance of renewable power plants; data integration and establishment of dashboards for operational and managerial directions ;
  • Regulatory due diligence: gas, power plant projects;
  • Analysis of the Romanian heat sales model contracts, proposed by ANRE (energy regulator), in the context of the purchase of a heat network and cogeneration units;
  • Business plan and price estimation of a Belgian electricity producer, in the context of its capital increase and support to the term sheet of negotiations with investors;
  • Technical audits of micro-hydro power plants, wind farms and solar plants;
  • Analysis of the institutional and regulatory framework in Italy related to the activities of gas procurement, supply, importation and transportation;
  • Analysis of the regulatory framework of the Spanish gas market and implementation of a strategy for a new entrant ;
  • Due diligence of wind farms (several GW) ;
  • Assistance in the development of thermal and renewable power plants (several GW) ;
  • ...