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The company's exclusive expertise targets all types of power generation projects and activities (access to networks, supply and trading activities, development of renewable and conventional thermal power plants such as combined cycle). For all these projects, Zelya Energy has among others conducted feasibility studies from a financial and technical point of view. It has also been in charge of due diligence processes, risk assessment to best value assets about to be purchased by main actors in the energy sector. Thus, it has always been able to provide its clients with the best advice on how to successfully develop their expansion strategy in the renewable or conventional energy field.

Examples of contracts:

  • Comparison of WACC calculation methodologies applying for natural gas and electricity infrastructures in Europe
  • Assistance of the Alternative Energy development Board of the Pakistani Government for the detailed design of a potential wind energy feed-in-tariff, Pakistan
  • European benchmark of wind and solar electricity production conditions and profitability by kind of project and by country, Luxembourg
  • Consultancy and regulatory assistance for the development of combined-cycle gas turbines, France
  • Business plan, financial valuation and support for term sheet negotiations for a Belgian electricity producer in its fund leverage strategy
  • Assistance with the development of wind farm and solar power plants in France: site selection, feasibility analyses, regulatory assistance (environmental impact studies, building permit application, feed-in tariff regulation and certificates, licence to operate...), project management and negotiation of the connection agreements
  • Complete presentation of the regulatory framework governing gas shipping, transmission and importation activities, Italy
  • Spanish gas market analysis for a new entrant: review of transmission, distribution and storage capacity allocation rules; pricing rules of Third Party Access
  • Technical and regulatory due diligence of wind farms, hydro power plants and PV solar projects (over 900 MW monitored since 2008)
  • Advisory services on the strategic positioning of a European energy company on the French hydro concession market
  • Financial valuation and due diligence of several hydro plants portfolios, France
  • Financial valuation of several wind and hydro plants' portfolios, France
  • Market and regulation analysis of the gas and power French systems
  • Strategic consultancy: market analysis and entry strategy on the French wind market
  • Assistance in the implementation of an energy diversification strategy: regulatory description of the French power generation market; strategic recommendations with respect to the best actions to meet short- and long-term power deficits of the French Bretagne region

We offer our clients different areas of expertise:

  • An expertise of the energy sector: particularly regarding regulations (rules and access conditions to power and gas transmission & distribution networks, laws and regulatory framework governing power plant development, energy production, shipping and trading...)
  • An expertise as regards Strategy and Investments in the gas and power markets:
    • Financial evaluation,
    • Due diligences/analyses of company and energy projects,
    • Assistance to energy infrastructure developers,
    • Growth and entry strategies
    • Transaction advisory services...