Zelya Energy

mergers and acquisitions consultants in the energy sector

Zelya Energy specializes in transaction, acquisition, and investment strategies within the energy sector. Our clients are both investors and owners of plants, gas or electricity network operators.

For over twenty years we have been mobilizing our skills, our network and adjusting our models to help our clients optimize their acquisition conditions. We have participated in numerous due diligence processes, mergers, acquisitions and valuations, ranging from a few million to several billion euros.

Our main services to investors include:

  • Providing support through technical audits, regulatory and strategic due diligence services
  • Financial modeling and valuation of companies and assets in the energy sectors
  • Estimating techno-economic assumptions specific to the sector, including production, purchase and sale prices, investment and reinvestment amounts, operating costs, etc.
  • Determining the applicable weighted average cost of capital (WACC)

Our experience in finance and our specialization in the energy industry, enable us to offer comprehensive and multidisciplinary support to our clients.

The experience and high level of training of our experts ensure strategic and operational restoration, concise, rapid and of quality, perfectly suited to the specific needs and issues of our clients.

Examples of assignments

Financial valuation of a subsidiary of the French Power Transmission Network company

Technical and regulatory due diligence of solar and wind power plant portfolios

Technical due diligence and asset valuation support for GRT Gas during its capital opening (the National Gas Transmission Operator)

Evaluations and due diligence of hydroelectric dams

Technical and economic audit for a complete renovation of a wind farm

Due diligence of a combined cycle gas power plant: analysis of gas supplies and power price risks

Assistance to the energy regulator in determining the cost of capital used to set access tariffs for gas and electricity infrastructures

Strategy consulting and business plan implementation in the context of the merger-integration of several renewable electricity production companies

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Due diligence and strategic expert merger-acquisition thermal power plant

Thermal power plants

Regulatory and commercial due diligence of several CCGTs for a total of over 2 GW in Europe

Assistance in financial evaluation; Assistance in gas and electricity connections

mergers and acquisitions consultants, due diligence in the natural gas sector

Gas and electric networks, storage

Due diligence of storage, LNG and gas and electricity transport companies for investment amounts of several billion euros

Technical and regulatory audits, validation of financial modeling assumptions

mergers and acquisitions consultants in the renewable energy sector


Conducting technical, regulatory due diligence and financial evaluation work

On projects from 3 to over 100 MW for clients such as Satcon, First Solar, Lampiris, Alpiq, Eneco, Caisse des Dépôts, European Energy... 

mergers and acquisitions consultants in the digitalisation and energy transition sector

Wind Energy

Financial evaluations, due diligence, technical audits

Evaluation and performance optimization software

For nearly a hundred wind farms and projects, for clients such as BKW, Eos, SNCF, Lampiris, Alpiq, Eneco, Enfinity, Proener, Caisse des dépôts...

consultants due diligence and evaluation dams and hydroelectric plants


Analysis of the potential output and business plan of 10 hydroelectric concessions to renew, varying in size from 8 to 84 MW

32 power stations of a few MW size, audited and reevaluated

for clients such as Alpiq, Eos, Statkraft,Eneco, Enfinity, Caisse des dépôts, Gaz et Electricité de Grenoble...


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