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How to choose your supplier, control and optimize your supply costs and minimize risks related to your long-term supplies? How to pool your purchases by grouping together?

Whether you are an industrialist, a grouping of cooperatives, communities,... we provide you with our experience in commercial issues and techniques for buying and selling electricity, as well as for the transportation of electricity.

Electricity purchase negotiation advice

Our services :

  • Analysis of the characteristics of your various sites' consumption based on your invoices and statements;
  • Definition of strategy, policy or a purchasing center for industrial consumers, agricultural cooperatives, communities,... ;
  • Negotiations and organization of tenders and competitions between buyers and suppliers ;
  • Deciphering quotations and price offers and estimating transport costs and specific taxes ;
  • Estimation of medium-term electricity prices and assessment of their impact on price offers and your purchase invoices ;
  • Negotiation and organization of competition ;
  • Management and control of your electricity purchase costs through invoice control.

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Electricity purchase negotiation advice

Zelya advises and supports your electricity supply negotiations

Managing readings | Profiling | Analysis of your hourly consumptions and delivery conditions

Seasonal strategies for meeting needs | Pre-negotiations & Selection of suppliers 

Competition | Price negotiation

Analysis and comparison of quotes | Support for the negotiations and signing of the supply contract


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