Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy's expertise covers both the activities of production, transportation and storage of electricity as well as the management, control and optimization of their flow within the network.

Development of computer applications for electricity management

More specifically, our services include:

  • customized analysis of electricity markets (nominating rules, data and readings, optimization of capacity reservations) ;
  • strategic support to re-think some activities in light of the digitalization of this sector and facilitate real-time decision-making ;
  • Support for the integration of internal data (SCADA, meters, nominations...) with external data (API of the grid operators, data from the balancing zones, EEX wholesale markets...) ;
  • The optimization of operations on the power transmission network, through the development of tools and software applications.

Expertise in digital technologies applied to energy

Our market knowledge, coupled with our advanced data processing and analysis capabilities, position us ideally to provide real-time operation management solutions.

We constantly cultivate and strengthen our know-how in the most innovative areas of digitalization, such as:

    • Blockchain technologies and electricity management systems in decentralized networks ;
    • The integration of data, their processing, and - when relevant - their analysis via artificial intelligence solutions ;
    • The design of intuitive dashboards and operational dashboards for real-time control and steering of activities.

Our mission is to extract specific meaning from the information and activities our customers oversee, thus improving their performance. 

IT and digital experts in electricity flow management

Examples of assignments

Integration of equipment status, production, injection and naming data from a group of power plants into an activity management application

Strategic analysis of the ARENH mechanism for access to nuclear electricity

Solutions and algorithms for offer and demand compensation on the French electricity transport network

Impact of major nuclear maintenance operations on spot prices and electricity balancing costs

Implementation of a short-term electricity arbitrage supply strategy and tools

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