Zelya Energy

We develop solutions and applications to allow you real-time access to public network data, and to associate them with your private data.

Indeed, a wide variety of data, such as:

  • real-time and historical energy prices,
  • climate information,
  • equipment and plant production,
  • remote reading consumption,
  • deviation calculations, balancing capabilities, ...

can be collected from various sources, such as governmental agencies, operators and third-party providers, and then integrated with the company's internal data.

The integration of this data and their processing by algorithmic allows to benefit from a real-time analysis and formatting. They become intelligible and operationally accessible from different positions within your company: this makes the management of your activities faster and more precise.

Our complete independence from operators and energy groups, combined with our in-depth expertise in energy, gives us a perfect understanding of relevant data, their use and their necessary transformation to meet our clients' needs. Our solutions are designed to be easily usable and intuitive. We strive to make them real operational tools for our clients.

Management applications intelligent digitalisation of energy flows
Energy data integration

Examples of Software Applications

  • Consolidated evaluation, via web or mobile, of wind, hydroelectric, and solar portfolios
  • Collection and analysis of SCADA data, alarm analyses, and performance optimization indicators
  • Automation of performance reports and associated losses of renewable energy portfolios
  • Collection of weather and network data and production forecasts
  • Real-time economic analyses and strategies for electricity supply and trading
  • Data entry interface for cogeneration operation and analysis of cost-performance ratios

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Our Expertise

Digitalisation integration of energy data via API

Data Recovery / API

  • Public data API collection (e.g.: SmartGaz, EnedisOpenData, WindData)
  • Scripts to connect to private data (SCADA, readout points, sensors)
  • Integration and standardisation in an internal database

Artificial Intelligence Consultant in the energy sector

Data Processing & Formatting

Once the different strategic data have been identified, retrieved and integrated into the company, the question of their use and restitution arises.

  • Identifying data to be exploited by the company's type of use
  • Choice of forms of data aggregation and restitution
  • Scripts for calculations, aggregation, and formatting
  • Making tailored dashboards for several operational divisions or actors within the company

Mobile apps for energy monitoring

Application Design

  • Design of web and mobile applications for real-time monitoring of your assets and activities:
  • Data integration and results in your operational tools
  • Real-time analysis of your activities and results
  • Automatic generation of operation, transport, or evaluation reports
  • Intuitive graphs, tables and data export


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