Zelya Energy

Our deep expertise in regulations and the dynamics of gas markets enables us to effectively support the development of our clients. With over twenty years of experience in these complex markets, we are able to help them optimize their activities, through strategic advice, and the design of data processing tools and decision support systems.

Zelya, IT consulting company and digitalisation in gas and energy

More specifically, we can provide our clients with:

  • custom analyses of gas markets (nomination rules, capacity booking optimization, ...);
  • strategic support to rethink some activities in the face of changes in this sector, so as to process key information in real time and improve decision flexibility;
  • concrete support for the digitalisation of operations, with recommendations on structured analysis of data on volumes, market prices and gas flows between different injection and withdrawal points on the network;
  • The design of IT solutions to optimize flows and applications to facilitate decision making.

Expertise in digital technologies in the energy sector

Our expertise in natural gas markets, coupled with our advanced data processing and analysis capabilities, positions us ideally to offer real-time operation management solutions.

By synthesizing data from various sources and making them easily accessible and understandable, companies can improve their responsiveness and strategic agility.

Computer and digitalisation consulting firm in gas and energy

Examples of assignments

Advice and recommendation on improving competition and access to gas transport and distribution networks

Strategic advice on setting up a midstream gas industry in an African country

Assistance in the development of IT tools for calculating and anticipating transport costs, and simulating penalties

Market analysis and price forecasts in the French gas sector; Analysis of contracts and supply conditions and design of a transport optimization tool

Integration of consumption and distribution data into a dashboard; Realization of a simulator of gas supply offers for different consumer-types

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