Zelya Energy

Our expertise in the electricity markets and our experience in M&A and Private Equity enable us to meet the needs of our clients when it comes to mergers, acquisitions or reorganizations.

We have a solid reputation in this field, having participated in numerous operations for major players in the electricity industry. Our work is rigorous and takes into consideration the specific nature of the companies evaluated, as well as the regulatory, financial and technical aspects specific to the electricity sector.

We respond to our clients' key issues:

  • due diligence of infrastructure: power plants, combined gas cycles, distribution and transportation networks;
  • robust financial models and evaluation methodologies;
  • diagnostics of companies operating in the electricity sector;
  • strategic advice on the evolution of their activities after a merger or restructuring.

Due diligence 

Thanks to its in-depth expertise in electricity markets, Zelya Energy has gained a solid reputation both in financial centers and in the energy sector.

We offer tailor-made services for the price valuation of target assets as well as for the performance of technical, strategic and regulatory due diligence:

  • ... regardless of the underlying asset (thermal power plant, renewable, electricity transport network, storage facility...)
  • ... and the activity of the target company (production, trading, services...)


Our experts assist in the financial valuation of energy companies and assets, in the context of an acquisition or a capital increase.

Their analyses are comprehensive and consider the specific characteristics of the companies being evaluated, as well as the tax and accounting considerations unique to the various energy sectors involved.

Assignment examples

Due Diligence of a combined gas cycle plant: analysis of supply risks and advice to the legal and financial parties of the mandated investment bank for the takeover

Due diligence of an electricity consumption management services company: preparation of the strategic plan in the context of a merger with a foreign company with similar activity

Evaluation of a subsidiary of the electricity transport manager

Determination of the Weighted Average Cost of Capital of electricity distribution operators

Asset valuation examples

Energy infrastructure due diligence


 Due diligence and financial evaluation of electricity and gas transport and distribution companies for several billion euros in value

Counsel Due Diligence and Acquisition of Thermal Power Stations

Thermal power plants

Due diligence and financial evaluation of combined gas cycles CCGT ranging from 400 to 860 MWe

Solar due diligence


Financial valuation and due diligence of a nearly hundred wind and photovoltaic power plants 

Business plan and financial modelling for dozens of hydroelectric concessions, from 8 to 84 MW

32 plants of a few MW each, audited and revalued


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