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The levels and indexing of purchase prices for biomethane injected into natural gas distribution or transport networks are set by the decree of November 23, 2011.

How are the purchase prices determined?

In a similar way to the obligation to buy electricity produced from renewable energies and injected into the electricity network, these rates are calculated taking into account the nature of the installation (non-hazardous storage or not) and from:

  • a base rate, T, which depends on the maximum production capacity (CMP) by multilinear interpolation;
  • bonuses, PI, which depend on proportions of certain inputs in the total supply.

The tariff and the premiums are indexed twice:

  • on the one hand, every year, depending on the date of signing the contract (multiplication by the coefficient K);
  • on the other hand, each year, depending on the evolution of the indices since the signing of the contract (update by the coefficient L).

The coefficients K and L depend on INSEE indices, representative of labor cost and sectoral production prices:

  • K is variable at 100%, of which 50% depends on the cost of labor and 50% on production prices;
  • L is fixed at 30% and variable at 70%, of which 30% depends on the labor cost and 40% on production prices.

Our services

Zelya Energy accompanies you to

  • Verify the eligibility of your installation for the biomethane purchase prices;
  • Validate the opportunity to inject biomethane into natural gas networks compared to other possible strategies;
  • Calculate the obligation to purchase rates over the operating or recovery period;
  • Detail the calculation of the purchase price that can then be included in the summary report for the prefect.