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Whatever your ambitions, your projects or your obligations in the complex sectors of renewables and energy savings, Zelya can facilitate and accelerate the development of your business.

We can mobilize all the necessary expertise on the market, thanks to our experts in regulation and our network of professionals and partners in Europe, Africa as well as in North America.

We can offer you:

  • analyses of the regulatory framework for the development of hydraulic power plants and the positioning on the renewal of the French concessions;
  • assistance in the design of development strategies for this type of plant on both national and regional levels;
  • creation of tariff schemes and incentive policies for the production of electricity using hydropower plants;
  • viability and feasibility analyses for hydraulic power plant projects.

Example of studies

  • Analysis of the conditions of eligibility for feed-in tariffs of a single power plant
  • Profitability calculations for renovation projects
  • Comparative analysis if the French hydro concessions to be renewed