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How to accurately estimate the future revenues generated by a hydropower plant? How to optimize these revenues on both the regulated and free markets?

Simulation of hydroelectricity selling prices, end of feed-in tariffs

Production Simulation & Tariff Calculations

Our experts, with their technical, economic and regulatory skills, support you to :

  • Evaluate the net electrical production potential, gross producible, losses and uncertainties of production of your hydropower plant
  • Simulate long-term electricity purchase prices over the entire lifespan of the investment
  • Forecast the future revenues of the plant considering operational conditions (maintenance, stoppages, etc)
  • Quantify the opportunity of a refurbishment.

Zelya Energy also assists hydroelectric plant operators who are no longer eligible for feed-in tariff mechanisms, helping them make informed choices for the optimal sale of their generated electricity.

Evaluation of Electricity Sales Opportunities

Zelya Energy evaluates for you the different options for selling the electricity produced by your plant: estimation of the feed-in tariff under "renovation policies", simulation of purchase prices in case of direct sale on the market, estimation of over-the-counter electricity purchase prices from potential buyers. Our analysts determine the best electricity sales solution for you.

Simulation of hydroelectricity selling prices, end of feed-in tariffs

Competition of Potential Buyers

If you choose to sell on the free market, Zelya Energy organizes for you the competition of buyers: selection of buyers according to your criteria, obtaining purchase proposals, comparative evaluation of purchase offers, negotiation of the clauses of the proposed contracts,…

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