Zelya Energy

No matter your ambitions, projects or constraints in the complex and fast-evolving wind power sector, Zelya facilitates and accelerates your development.

With experience from over twenty years, we work with large public organizations, energy producers, financial institutions, and regulators. We support them thanks to our strong knowledge of wind markets and we offer them advice in terms of policy development, regulation, market rules, and strategy.

Functioning of wind markets

We are able to:

  • provide you with regulatory framework analysis applicable to the development of wind power;
  • assist you in developing wind power strategies;
  • develop tariff systems and incentive policies;
  • analyze the viability and feasibility of a wind project;
  • carry out or steer regulatory due diligence during your acquisitions.

Functioning of wind markets

Examples of assignments

Assistance in carrying out and optimizing the connection conditions of wind projects

Regulatory due diligence of wind power plants

Advising on a wind power incentive policy in Pakistan, UNDP-United Nations Organization

Comparative analysis of the profitability of actors and projects in the wind sector in Europe

Market study on the wind industry in Spain

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