Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy acts on behalf of developers, investors and lenders for wind farms, mobilizing the skills of its experts.

Industry and market experience

Our team audits hundreds of megawatts each year in projects or in operation, providing support and experience on regulatory issues, site choices, development, connection, and even delivery and assembly of turbines.

Understanding the expectations of financiers

Our teams are reactive and have excellent writing skills, essential for both project finance actors and private equity investors.

Once all risks are identified, our recommendations also cover investment suspension conditions that allows to manage them.

Wind farm due diligence company, Park audit

Precise support, to facilitate acquisition

Due diligence consists in validating technical and regulatory assumptions that feed the financial evaluation model of a company or a project: what is the actual and future producible deposit of the wind farm? what is its availability rate? is the electricity grid connection optimal? is the extension or renovation project suitable for the type of deposit and environment?

The technical expertise of our consultants gives them the necessary critical capacity to analyze business plans, steer audits necessary for verifying installations, and provide an opinion on the quality of operation and maintenance.

This expertise plays a crucial role in the risk evaluation for a serene acquisition, to protect our clients by recommending them investment suspension conditions, and to adequately nourish the elements of economic models serving as a base to their evaluations.

Wind farm due diligence company, Park audit

Nature of the interventions

Validation of the site, wind farm, turbine choice

Analysis of administrative steps, building permits and environmental constraints

Validation of producible assumptions and selling prices

Financial modelling and evaluation

Performance analysis, failure risk, insurance and O&M conditions

Recommendations on investment suspension conditions: wind counter-study; site inspection; acoustic counter-study; geotechnical sampling...

Our services for investors

Regulatory due diligence

Technical due diligence

Study of electricity network connection conditions

Audit of the real state of the equipment

Performance study and risk of failure

Financial evaluation

What to check in the wind park due diligence, regulatory audit?

Regulatory due diligence


Regulatory due diligence involves assessing regulatory risks for the new buyer and making recommendations on the additional steps that may be necessary to take, as well as on the suspensive clauses to secure the rights of the new buyer of the wind project company holding the various building and/or operating authorizations.

It includes the examination of the following documents:

for the power plant operation: the operating declaration or the operating permit order

for the power plant connection to the networks: the technical and financial proposal or the connection contract, access to the network contract

for the construction or operation of the installation: building permits (including the analysis of the application file, the impact study, the public inquiry...), the ICPE authorization and other required administrative authorizations

for the provision of land and security of accesses: leases, access easements, wind turbine overflight, indemnities agreements, property titles...

for the benefit of purchase obligation prices: the SRCAE or the obligation purchase certificate issued, the purchase obligation contract signed with EDF Obligation d’Achat, the invoices

the operation contracts, the completeness of the O&M contracts, insurance policies

Content / Deliverable

Based on the analysis of these documents, a report is delivered. It contains an assessment of regulatory risks, recommendations on additional steps to take and on suspensive clauses to secure the rights of the future buyer of the project or the wind farm.

Zelya Energy gives an opinion on:

the coherence of the information they contain, in relation to the contractor and the project

missing pieces, possible modifications to be made

recommendations on suspensive clauses ensuring the relevance and quality of the wind project

Wind project audit company

Technical due diligence


Technical due diligence complements regulatory due diligence. It aims to confirm the technical characteristics and quantify the uncertainties and risks related to the expected production of a wind farm.

More precisely, it aims to:

More precisely, its objectives are:

detect possible inconsistencies between the design and the production, operation and maintenance conditions

confirm the general technical characteristics of the park: resource, losses, efficiency, availability, production

evaluate the uncertainties and risks that could negatively affect these technical characteristics

propose realistic assumptions for the financial evaluation model

advise, list and prioritize the appropriate suspensive conditions accompanying the purchase offer

Content / Steps

To determine the production to consider and assess the uncertainties and risks of variation of its value, we :

collect and analyze essential documents : equipment supply contracts, operation and maintenance contracts, insurance contracts, connection and network access contracts, resource and production study, etc

analyze the technology, the resource and bring a critical eye on the overall sizing of equipment

examine the resource and producible studies

analyze technical clauses of contracts : raw efficiency, availability and production, guarantees and secured

make recommendations and steer any additional audits and tests to be done on site