Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy has put its expertise at the service of wind power producers, to assist them in the calculation and issuance of their electricity sales invoices. Most wind farms in France benefit from the so-called "purchase obligation" rates and must therefore, each month, issue an invoice to EDF Purchase Obligation (or the local electricity distributor) to collect the revenues from their production.

The expertise of Zelya

Our teams have developed numerous tools for modeling and simulating wind electricity tariffs, taking into account the production histories specific to each site, tariff rules and indexation coefficients provided for by regulation.

This expertise and these tools allow us to offer a useful, precise service, consisting in generating for our client portfolio of wind producers, the invoices intended for their local distributor or EDF Purchase Obligation.

Our service 

The WIDEO billing assistance service allows you to simply calculate and issue your invoices in a few steps:

  1. You register your production site, with the information related to the purchase obligation contract
  2. You enter each month by form the production data of your wind farm
  3. We calculate and generate your EDF OA invoice for you
  4. You send your invoice!