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Due a strong political support at the European level, solar energy projects and investments benefit from a favorable legislative framework (guaranteed feed-in tariffs, high rate-of-return, fiscal incentives...).

Our consultants have a long experience and in-depth understanding of these legislative and regulatory frameworks (feed-in tariffs, administrative authorization procedures...). They also rely on an international network of additional experts and partners reviewing changes in regulation of PV solar projects in Europe, Africa and in North America to better assist our clients and their worldwide expansion.

Key areas in which we can assist you:

  • analyses and reports concerning the legislative and regulatory frameworks applying to the development of solar power plants
  • assistance in the implementation of policies and tariff systems that favor renewable energy production
  • evaluation of the technical, regulatory and financial feasibility of your solar energy project or portfolio

See our brochure of Regulatory intelligence and Expertise.

Example of studies

  • Benchmarking of solar electricity production conditions in France, Italy, Belgium and Spain
  • Comparative profitability studies, by type of project and country, of the European solar power sector
  • Market research on the Spanish Photovoltaic Industry
  • Market analysis and development perspectives of solar energy at a regional level