Zelya Energy

Our feasibility study service intervenes upstream of the development of a wind farm, whether you are an investor, lender, insurer or developer.

Our studies provide you with all the necessary information to make your decision and adapt your project.

We have audited and contributed to the development, just from 2009 to 2016, of numerous for a total cumulative exceeding 2 GW, in France and internationally.

Content of our feasibility studies

  • Wind potential - Assessment of the site potential and recommendations on the initial measures to put in place: installing a mast or sodar for wind measurement, bird surveys, urban compatibility analysis... ;
  • Design & Engineering - Sizing of the park, recommendations on the choice of turbines based on wind studies and site measurements ;
  • Capital Investments - Evaluation of construction costs, equipment and connection to networks ;
  • Project planning - Timeline of development stages, construction and installation; Estimated payment deadlines ;
  • Opex - Assessment of insurance costs, operation and maintenance, taxes and rents ;
  • Estimated Revenue - Profit and loss account and forecast cash flows; Determination of the optimal financing structure and assessment of return on investment ;
  • Complete analysis of technical risks (loss of production, failure...) and financial risks.