Zelya Energy

Our feasibility study service intervenes upstream of the development of solar power plants and parks, whether you are an investor, lender, insurer or developer.

Our studies provide you with all the information you need to make your decision and adapt your project, both for thermal and photovoltaic solar.

We have audited and contributed to the development, just in 2009, of about twenty power plants, in France and internationally.

Contents of our feasibility studies

  • Solar Resource - Accurate assessment of the site potential from solar irradiation data
  • Design & Engineering - Sizing of the park, recommendations on the choice of installations and accurate estimation of the annual electricity production
  • Capital investment - Evaluation of construction costs, equipment and connection to the electricity grid
  • Project planning - Timeline of development, construction and installation stages; Payment deadlines estimation
  • Opex - Evaluation of the costs of insurance, operation and maintenance, taxes and rents
  • Revenue estimation - Income statement and projected cash flows; Determining the optimal financing structure and evaluating the return on investment
  • Comprehensive analysis of technical (loss of production, failure...) and financial risks