Zelya Energy

Whatever your ambitions, your projects or even your activity in the sector of electricity production or cogeneration (electricity and heat) from biomass, Zelya Energy facilitates and accelerates your development.

We mobilize all the necessary expertise in this market, thanks to our regulatory experts and our network of professionals and partners in Europe, Africa, Asia, as well as in North America.

We are able to :

  • provide you with analyses of the regulatory framework applicable to the development of power plants or boilers from biomass ;
  • assist you in the development of planning and development strategies for this type of energy in a region ;
  • develop tariff systems and policies to encourage the production of electricity or heat from biomass ;
  • analyze the viability and technical, regulatory and financial feasibility of a power plant or boiler project ;
  • support you in the constitution and defense of a response file to French biomass tenders.

Case Studies

  • Benchmark of the French, Italian, German and Spanish regulatory systems encouraging the production of electricity from biomass ;
  • Analysis of the conditions and principles of connection to the network ;
  • Comparative analysis of the profitability of biomass players and projects in Europe ;
  • State of the art and development prospects of decentralized energy production projects from biomass on a regional scale ;
  • Study on the conditions of application of buy-back tariffs for an electricity project for cogeneration from biomass.