Zelya Energy

Zelya Energy assists local communities in developing their strategy for promoting the production of electricity and/or heat from biomass in their territory:

  • Evaluation of sectors, local resources and supply chains through the elaboration of a territorial supply plan (PAT) in wood-energy ;
  • Analysis of the possibilities for valorizing biomass, in the form of self-consumption or injection of heat and electricity into networks ;
  • Consideration of synergies and constraints linked to local agricultural policy, soil use, waste management policy, energy saving policy, home thermal renovation policy... ;
  • Identification, structuring and mobilization of a local actors' sector ;
  • Planning based on the constraints of the applicable regulatory framework...

To allow you to validate the opportunity to support a biomass-energy sector in your territory, to implement a considered strategy and to mobilize the actors around your project, Zelya Energy offers two additional services :

  • the definition and implementation of an optimal strategy for developing biomass-energy in relation to power plant developers, considering the supply potential and conflicts of use ;
  • the evaluation of the economic and fiscal benefits for your territory and your community.

Our independence and our services allow you to maintain complete control over the location of a power generation or heating plant in your territory, to ensure a widespread acceptance by the population, optimisation of constraints for your community, the protection of agricultural sectors, as well as the attractiveness of your territory for the developers you have chosen.