Zelya Energy

If you are an operator or developer of collective boilers, cogeneration power plants or electricity production from biomass, you strive to size or supply your installations in coherence with the characteristics of the used wood. In relation to your suppliers, your concern also consists of securing the wood supply, that is to say the necessary quantity, but also the inherent quality of the wood (energy density), in order to include in your contracts clauses specifying these characteristics.

If you are the buyer of a heating plant or a biomass power plant, the validation of the deposit and of the producible is essential to reinforce the technical-economic assumptions of your financial valuation model.

The actual quantity of heat or electricity generated by a plant operating on the principle of biomass combustion certainly depends on the chosen technology (efficiency, minimum and maximum fuel flow, etc.) and the operating conditions (fuel flow, availability rate, stops, maintenance operations, etc.), but more simply on the physico-chemical characteristics of the consumed fuel.

Our services

Zelya Energy supports you to:

  • Determine the characteristics of the relevant fuel to be tested according to your need: sizing of installations, securing the supply contract, validation of the production assumptions of your financial model;
  • Ensure that the tests carried out by a laboratory comply with standards and current regulations;
  • Certify the physico-chemical characteristics of the fuel in accordance with standards and regulations;
  • Estimate the producible taking into account the choice of technology, operating conditions and technical characteristics of the consumed fuel;
  • Check during operation, by a physico-chemical analysis on a fuel sample, that the clauses of the supply contract are respected and that the performance of the plant is optimal.