Zelya Energy

The net cash flow method, also known as Discounted Cash Flow (DCF), is widely accepted in asset valuation (company, project or portfolio) due to its solid theoretical foundations.

It financially translates that an asset "is worth what it brings in" and is based on the implementation of a fundamental formula.

Our services

With their experience in network and energy production unit valuation, the financial experts of Zelya Energy, who have a thorough understanding of the biomass sector, assist you in confirming your valuation or for:

  • determining the duration of the evaluation, depending on the investment time horizon, the lifespan of the facilities, the contract term, etc.;
  • modelling expected cash flows: tariffs and selling prices of electric production, operating costs - OPEX, investments - CAPEX, taxes, levies, etc.;
  • estimation of the terminal value, taking into account dismantling costs, material recycling, legal constraints, etc.;
  • calculation of the WACC, used as a discount rate, which is the most sensitive parameter of the DCF valuation is the discount rate ;
  • determining the value of the assessed asset (company, project or portfolio).