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Zelya Energy mobilizes the skills of its experts to provide support for promoters, lenders and investors in biomass-based power plant or cogeneration projects.

Experience in the biomass industry and the market

Every year our team audits power plants and projects representing hundreds of megawatts, providing support and experience for a wide variety of issues: regulations, site selection, building permit and license applications, development, connection to networks, delivery and installation of turbines.

Understanding investor expectations

Our teams act quickly and have excellent written communication skills, which is essential in dealing with players in project finance, as well as private equity investors. Once the risks have been identified, our recommendations also concern suspensive investment conditions designed to manage them.

Our due diligence services

  • Validation of supply conditions, choice of equipments and turbines, including boilers
  • Analysis of administrative procedures, building permit, ICPE procedures, zoning and environmental constraints
  • Validation of production potential and expected energy sale prices
  • Validation or creation of a business plan and financial valuation of the target facilities
  • Analysis of legal and technical risks, insurance terms, opportunities & threats