Zelya Energy

France has chosen to promote electricity production from biomass, through tenders organized by the government.

In 2008, 22 projects with a cumulative power of 300 MW were thus able to benefit from preferential purchase rates and guarantees from the State for a period of 20 years. In December 2008, a new call for tenders was launched, for a total power of 250 MW...

Preparing your application

In this context, Zelya Energy supports project carriers wishing to apply and assists them in drawing up and defending a solid application in response to calls for tenders.

Development assistance

Once the tender has been won, we are able to effectively assist you in developing your power plant, until it becomes operational.

Our team helps you identify the local contacts you need to reach out to and carry out the many administrative procedures required: building permits, requests for connection to the electricity network, emphyteutic leases, formalizing contracts for the purchase of electricity...

At this stage, we can also help you with promoting your project to investors and proceed with raising the necessary capital for its development.