Zelya Energy

Leveraging our experience in financial assessment and business plan realization for the development and acquisition of biomass power plants and cogenerations, we have developed methods and tools for value creation and modeling specific to investments in this sector.

Our experts, specializing in M&A, project financing and private equity, assist you in:

  • Evaluating the cash-flows generated by investment;
  • Financial modeling and determination of investment profitability (Base Case; CMPC or WACC);
  • Defining the financing terms of your acquisition (debt-equity; investment terms).

Our services and assistance have been designed to provide expert and tailored support for all parties involved during transactions of projects, power plants or cogeneration from biomass resources.

Services and assistance

  • Review and verification of your business plan and financial projections (Base Case Model);
  • Developing a complete financial model and estimating the selling price of biomass power plants;
  • Analysis of economic profitability and financial viability of a cogeneration project from biomass resources;
  • Assisting with the definition of financial terms for acquisition or divestiture;
  • And customized advice...