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The order of August 10, 2012, which came into effect on September 6, 2012, came to specify the list and level of investments allowing an installation governed by a H-97 contract to benefit, under the same conditions, from a new power purchase obligation contract, in accordance with article L. 314-2 of the energy code.

This order subordinates the benefit of a new power purchase obligation contract H07 (after the expiry of the H97 contract) to a certain level of renovation investment, among the investments which it definitively lists.

If your installation and your investments are eligible, you must proceed with the development of an investment program, obtaining a power purchase obligation certificate and signing a power purchase obligation contract H07.

What level of investment to reach?

The cumulative investments over a continuous period of 8 years is at least:

  • 750 euros per installed kilowatt for installations with a power greater than 300 kW;
  • 550 euros per installed kilowatt for installations with a power less than 100 kW;
  • The intermediate values in euros per kilowatt are obtained by linear interpolation.

The accumulation of investments made at the end of the first four years of the eight-year period must at least reach 60% of the above values.

As of January 1, 2013, these values are indexed annually on January 1 using a coefficient K'.

The eight-year period begins at the latest at the expiration of the H97 contract.

What eligible investments?

The amount of investments taken into account can include the amount of investments that have actually started but are not yet completed at the due date of the current contract.

Among the investments, it is possible to include in particular technical studies and file preparation, study fees with authorization file. In addition, the order precisely lists the main civil engineering works, main components, turbine, generator, regulation and other eligible electrical components.

Our services

Zelya Energy helps you to:

  • Check whether you meet the eligibility conditions (level of investment, list of investments);
  • Estimate the power purchase obligation rates you may claim;
  • Assess the economy of your investment project;
  • Validate the opportunity to invest;
  • Quantify your potential financing needs;
  • Facilitate or take over administrative procedures (investment program, power purchase obligation certificate, power purchase obligation contract H07).