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The opening of the natural gas market to competition is in principle an opportunity to benefit from favorable price developments, by changing suppliers. Alone, or as part of a buying group. The Public Procurement Code and the 2005 order provide various legal possibilities for launching a procurement procedure for the supply of natural gas.

However, many calls for tenders ultimately prove unsuccessful. Why and how to avoid it?

Most natural gas suppliers are responsive and capable of offering you quotations. However, they differentiate themselves in terms of strategy and response capacity: depending on the size of the market, the number of group members, the geographical location of your delivery points, the duration of the contract and the validity period of the prices you require, the price formula you impose.

If the legal form or some clauses of the administrative or technical specifications of the tender are too far from their strategy, some suppliers will not respond. Your ability to anticipate and the speed of decision making is therefore the key factor in a successful call for tender.

Our knowledge of the natural gas market, market price trends and fixed or indexed price quotations, and above all, of suppliers, allow us to advise you on the best strategy to reconcile the formulation of your needs with the specificities of alternative suppliers.

Thanks to our teams and our tools, we then assist you for the quick and effective operational implementation of your strategy: drafting of the constitutive agreement of the group, preparation of the tender documents, evaluation of the offers, preparation of the administrative documents for the closing of the market, etc.

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Author: O. Choffrut / Contact: o.choffrut- at -zelya.com