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Are you a power plant developer, an investment fund or an entrepreneur interested in investing in a sustainable and renewable energy source such as biomass?

Zelya Energy has a team of dedicated and professional consultants, highly experienced in the renewable energy sector as well as in Project Finance. We provide you within a couple weeks of time the essential information to carry on a successful development of a biomass power plant.

We have performed feasibility studies for biomass power plants in Europe with an installed capacity between 5 and 70 MW of thermal power.

Our feasibility studies include:

  • Wind power potential – The annual electricity production thanks to an accurate estimate of wind hours, using modelling or on-site measurements
  • Design & Engineering – Recommendations regarding the type of wind turbines and equipments to be used, as well as the size of the wind farm
  • Capital expenditures – Assessment of the turbines, equipments, construction and grid connection costs; best material to be used in terms of quality
  • Project Schedule – Determining the schedule for development studies, installation and construction, grid connection work, and for related payments
  • Opex – Estimate of costs regarding insurance, operation and maintenance, taxes and land leases
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Profit and Loss forecasts, Cash Flows, Depreciation of capital assets and debt structures
  • Complete analysis of technical (production loss, failure...) and financial risks