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Data integration from Scada of photovoltaic solar parks, electric meters, wholesale and balancing markets are a major challenge for operators and producers.

IT company for management and integration of photovoltaic solar data

Indeed, various data can be retrieved from different sources, such as:

  • SCADA data 
  • Wholesale electricity prices
  • Prices and balancing market constraints
  • Solar data.

This data can be collected from telecommunication boxes, connected sensors installed on site, programming interfaces (APIs) provided by network operators, as well as by third-party suppliers. They can then be interlinked with the company's internal data.

We intervene in the integration of these data, so as to automate into intuitive applications the control, analysis and optimization of the performance of  photovoltaic power plants.

The digitalization of operators and electricity producers' operations is a major issue. However, it cannot be done hastily as data is not everything. Expertise, dialogue and comprehension capabilities are needed to make data integration a real performance gain.

Our 20 years of expertise in the sector allows us to leverage IT making it a real added value in the digitalization process. Far from having to redo dashboards, insufficiently processed and transformed data, Zelya designs custom, simple, and effective systems and applications, thought out for their users.

IT company for management and integration of photovoltaic solar data

Examples of interventions

Setting up a consolidated evaluation software tool for wind and solar portfolios

Deployment of an application for the collection and analysis of SCADA data and market information to improve performance

Application for real-time alarm, availability rate and equipment failure risk analysis

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Our Expertise

Online management applications for photovoltaic solar parks

Data recovery / API

  • Retrieval of data via public data APIs, such as EnedisOpenData, RTE, NasaOpenAPI, Meteofrance,...
  • Creation of scripts to retrieve private data (SCADA, sampling points and sensors).
  • Integration and homogenisation of all data internally

IT tool for photovoltaic power plant maintenance and operation monitoring

Data Processing & Formatting

Once the different strategic data have been identified, retrieved and integrated into the company, the question of their use and restitution arises.

  • Choice of data to be collected and calculated according to the needs of individuals and the company 
  • Calculation scripts, aggregation and formatting 
  • Customized dashboard creation for various operational divisions or company stakeholders


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