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Why should you first assess the net electricity output and feed-in tariffs for your wind farm project or porfolio? Because this preliminary assessment enables you to reduce risks and uncertainties concerning your future investment revenues!

With our "Production Forecast & Feed-in Tariffs" service we:

  • assess gross and net annual electricity outputs, based on historical production and/or independant wind studies, taking into account losses and giving you an exceedance probability
  • model and forecast future feed-in tariffs and market prices for the entire lifecycle of your project
  • evaluate future net revenues, including reduction for planned, preventive and predictive maintenance operations...

Our services:

  • Review of wind energy output hypotheses
  • Assistance in site evaluation and wind turbine selection 
  • Market price forecasts and detailed assessment of feed-in tariffs applying to the purchase of the energy output
  • Complete evaluation of future revenues from a wind farm project or portfolio