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Zelya Energy provides support for wind farm projects throughout the entire development cycle, mobilizing the technical, regulatory and financial experience of its experts.

Helping define your project

Our technical experts can help you select sites with the best wind energy potential by anticipating zoning and regulatory risks.

They can also assist you in evaluating potential production and revenues, feasibility and costs of connecting to the power network.

At this stage, we can also provide support for the promotion of your project with investors and help raise the necessary capital to finance the development phase of your wind farm.

Assistance with administrative procedures

Our specialists in wind power regulations provide valuable support by identifying all local players and performing numerous mandatory administrative procedures: 

  • building permit, 
  • connection to the power network, 
  • emphyteutic leases, 
  • power purchase obligations...

Our services for local governments

Zelya energy also provides support for local governments in promoting development of wind power:

  • Where can I find partners for a wind farm?
  • How do I define an efficient global development strategy that takes into account fiscal and economic impacts of wind farms?