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Zelya Energy has a team of dedicated and professional consultants, highly experienced in the renewable energy sector as well as in Project Finance.

Within a couple weeks of time, depending on the amount of information available, our consultant team can determine the following key information regarding your project development.

Through our expertise, we have performed many solar projects from 1MW to 50MW in Europe and Africa.

Our feasibility studies include:

  • Solar potential – Assessment of the amount of electricity that can be produced annually according to the solar radiations
  • Design & Engineering – Recommendations regarding the type of material and photovoltaic cell to be used and the size of the solar panel park
  • Capital expenditures – Assessment of the construction, installation and connection costs as well; recommendations on the best material to be used
  • Project Schedule – Determining  the schedule for development studies, installation and construction, grid connection works, and for related payments 
  • Opex – Estimate of costs regarding insurance, operation and maintenance, taxes and land leases 
  • Revenue forecasts
  • Profit and Loss forecasts, Cash Flows, Depreciation of capital assets and debt structures  
  • Complete analysis of technical (production loss, failure...) and financial risks