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Zelya Energy has valued many solar power plant projects across Europe. Our business plans and financial models have been used both for asset valuation and feasability analysis.

We have developed robust methodologies and tools to evaluate investment opportunities in this sector, in the context of solar energy development and company acquisitions.

Our dedicated experts, specialized in M&A, Project Finance and Private Equity provide support in:

  • revenues and cash flow estimates of solar power plants
  • financial modeling & profitability analyses of investments in the solar energy sector (Base Case; WACC calculation)
  • Definition of investment terms relative to an acquisition opportunity (debt-equity; suspensive conditions)

We are ideally placed to bring together the people you need, with both financial and industrial expertise of the renewable energy sector.

Areas of expertise:

  • Review and validation of your business plan and financial projections (Base Case Model) 
  • Complete financial modeling and evaluation of a solar power plant project selling price 
  • Profitability and financial sustainability analysis of solar energy projects and portfolios 
  • Assistance in the definition of appropriate conditions and investment terms for a solar power plant transaction