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Zelya Energy is an European consulting firm specialized in energy and environment. Our services are dedicated to investment firms, banks, energy groups and governmental bodies.

Our experts and consultants, who serve only energy, power and mining clients, receive extensive training to support this industry focus. Our practice is headquartered in Nice, France. The consulting services we provide are diverse : firm/asset valuation, entry strategies, energy market regulations, growth strategies, power plant profitability analyses...

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The project was about assessing a portofolio of 7 hydro power plants power plants to be acquired in France from a regulatory, technical and financial perspective. The plants were run of the river plants, in good state and relatively recent. They were located on the Saône river, and in the French Savoie.

The services provided by our staff were:

  • Review of all legal documents: licences, authorizations, administrative documents, grid connections documents
  • Review of the technical and environmental viability of the hydro power plants
  • Production and revenues forecasting for each power plant from a market and hydrological perspective
  • Financial modeling and valuation of the portfolio
  • Recommendations on suspensive conditions to be included in the final binding offer to the seller