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elya Energy supports mostly complete rehabilitation of works, technical audit of dams and turbines in operation, as well as development of new power plants in France and abroad.

Zelya Energy mobilizes the skills of its engineers' internal team multidisciplinary and highly qualified as well as on external qualified experts, for various types of works.

Expertise and feasibility study

Every year, our team realize the technical and financial evaluations of the sites of possible hydraulic developments and certain hydroelectric power plants (some hundreds of kW in several MWs).

  • Prior technical study;
  • Simulation of the hydro potential and probable production: calculation and optimization of power output;
  • Investment scenarii and profitability analyses;
  • Recommendation of solutions and implementation of investment programs and rehabilitation;
  • Assistance with respect to administrative procedures and grid connection contract negotiation

Assistance to the project owner

Our team also supports the development of new power plants and renovation operations. Our services in support of this type of development includes the completion of feasibility studies, construction supervision, studies engineering and design, environmental analysis....