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In the electricity sector, our team constantly reviews the regulatory and policy frameworks in order to provide our clients with a high level of expertise and a solid and detailed know-how of these rules and markets. As such, Zelya Energy has an in-depth understanding of the business, legal and regulatory environment in which its clients would like to invest. We also gather the best financial and technical advisory capabilities to assist our clients in the development of their projects of power supply and generation.

The Zelya Energy team is composed of consultants, all experts with a strong background in the energy sector, multi-criteria analytical skills, flexibility in using a wide range of methodologies to conduct their studies and working on the international scale as a relevant part of our clients are based outside of France.

Zelya Energy experience

Zelya Energy provides services to any actor, industrial or financial, private or state-owned, aiming at developing successfully projects worldwide in the power sector.

The company's exclusive expertise targets all types of power generation projects and activities (access to networks, supply and trading activities, development of renewable and conventional thermal power plants such as combined cycle). For all these projects, Zelya Energy has among others conducted feasibility studies from a financial and technical point of view. It has also been in charge of due diligence processes, risk assessment to best value assets about to be purchased by main actors in the energy sector. Thus, it has always been able to provide its clients with the best advice on how to successfully develop their expansion strategy in the renewable or conventional energy field.