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Zelya Energy provides energy and environmental expertise to government clients, industrial and energy groups, addressing the full range of environmental challenges, including regulatory compliance, natural resource management, greenhouse gas reduction, and sustainability.

We help clients address innovation and optimization across the spectrum of energy R&D, commercialization, generation, storage and distribution. Our solid expertise in nuclear, clean coal, oil, natural gas, and alternative fuel technologies, enable us to provide them with tailored and efficient solutions.

Technical audit

As minor failure can cause down time and loss, owners, investors and insurance companies ask Zelya Energy to perform independant audit and inspection services in order to evaluate the technical state of their wind farms. Our technical service includes on-site visit, av [ ... ]

Due diligence

Zelya Energy mobilizes the skills of its experts to provide support for promoters, lenders and investors in biomass-based power plant or cogeneration projects. Experience in the biomass industry and the market Every year our team audits power plants and projects repre [ ... ]

Divestments & Sale assistance

Zelya Energy can help developers of biomass-based power plants or cogeneration projects with the sale of their assets. Once we have been mandated to act on your behalf, we will work by your side throughout the sales process. Presentation and valuation of the facilities [ ... ]

Feasibility study

Are you a power plant developer, an investment fund or an entrepreneur interested in investing in a sustainable and renewable energy source such as biomass? Zelya Energy has a team of dedicated and professional consultants, highly experienced in the renewable energy se [ ... ]