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Zelya Energy relies on highly experienced consultants in regulatory and technical issues, in strategy and management. Every consultant has previously worked in a special field within the energy sector and thus developed a certain expertise.

In the gas sector, our team constantly review the European and US regulatory frameworks, in order to provide our clients with a high level of expertise and a solid and detailed know-how of these markets. This is the foundation from which we can work with our clients to provide them with the best growth strategies and develop their business.

The core business and areas of expertise of Zelya Energy include:

  • Due diligence and financial valuation in gas infrastructures: storage, distribution, transmission and LNG assets
  • Tariff and contractual conditions for third party access to gas infrastructures operated by the gas network operators in France (GRTgaz and Tigf): LNG plants, gas storage and networks
  • Licensing systems for gas suppliers and shippers
  • Arrangements for gas and electricity supply and gas supplier
  • Definition and implementation of entry strategies in the gas French, British, Spanish and Italian gas markets
  • Principles for Gas Release and Capacity Release Programs
  • Regulatory advice and assistance for the development of gas/power infrastructures
    • Expertise in tariff design and access rules to gas and electricity networks and infrastructure
    • Rules and process relative to power plant development (authorization processes, environmental procedures and PERT chart)
    • Market studies
  • Review of transmission, distribution and storage capacity allocation rules
  • Gas Market price forecasts
  • Gas purchasing strategy for gas power plants:
    • Gas needs and demand profile analysis,
    • Selection of potential gas providers,
    • Pre-tender data preparation and assistance in the tendering process
  • Business planning and feasibility analysis of combined cycle power plants in France, Spain and Western African countries.