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The rehabilitation of 3 hydropower plants located in the French Midi-Pyrénées Region, with four units covers turbines, generators, transformers as well as the 90kV substation and the operation monitoring and control system. Zelya was awarded the contract for the following services: review of the technical specifications and bidding documents, support with the competitive bidding process, evaluation of contract award negotiations, supervision of rehabilitation works, budgetary control, quality assurance, workshop inspections, commissioning.

The project was about assessing a portofolio of 7 hydro power plants power plants to be acquired in France from a regulatory, technical and financial perspective. The plants were run of the river plants, in good state and relatively recent. They were located on the Saône river, and in the French Savoie.

The services provided by our staff were:

  • Review of all legal documents: licences, authorizations, administrative documents, grid connections documents
  • Review of the technical and environmental viability of the hydro power plants
  • Production and revenues forecasting for each power plant from a market and hydrological perspective
  • Financial modeling and valuation of the portfolio
  • Recommendations on suspensive conditions to be included in the final binding offer to the seller

Zelya Energy has advised a major energy group investing in France for the financial valuation and the whole technical and regulatory due diligence. The deal was composed of several wind farms, at different stages of development, with a total operating capacity of 47MW.

The services provided by our staff were:

  • Validation of the site, wind power potential and the choice of turbines
  • Analysis of administrative procedures, building permit,  zoning and environmental constraints
  • Validation of production potential and sale pricesValidation or creation of a business plan and financial valuation of the target facilities
  • Analysis of legal and technical risks, insurance terms, opportunities and threats