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Zelya Energy has valued and helped develop many power stations across Europe. Our recent projects in this area, in 2008, concern more than 1 GW of renewable generation units and up to 2 GW of conventional thermal power plants.

We have operational and detailed knowledge of this market. Our dedicated experts provide both feasibility and profitability studies of power plant projects as well as timely, helpful and efficient support during the different stages of their development.

Zelya's services

  • Preliminary and complete feasibility studies of power plant projects
  • Validation and assistance relative to site selection
  • Business planning and financial modeling
  • Planning chart and assistance for power plant development, for the entire administrative formalities and public acceptance process
  • Due diligence and financial evaluation of power plant

Areas of expertise

  • Combined cycle gas turbines
  • Barges-mounted power plants
  • Wind farms and photovoltaïcss
  • Biomass-based and methanisation-based power plants
  • Hydropower, cogeneration