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The energy industries face constant new challenges, such as changing market conditions and shifting policy focus.

Our consultants have a long experience and in-depth understanding of the legislative and regulatory framework (feed-in tariffs, administrative authorization procedures...) in force in the different fields of the energy market. They also rely on an international network of additional experts and partners reviewing changes in gas and power regulations in Europe, Africa and in North America to better assist our clients and their worldwide expansion.

Key areas in which we can assist you:

  • analyses and reports concerning the legislative and regulatory frameworks for renewable energy development
  • assistance in the implementation of policies and tariff systems that favor renewable energy production
  • evaluation of the technical, regulatory and financial feasibility of gas and power projects
  • benchmark of Third Party Access (TPA) conditions to gas and power infrastructures (transmission, distribution, storage...)
  • Assistance for the definition and implementation of energy growth or carbon reduction emission policies

Examples / Case Studies

The following studies and projects illustrate our areas of expertise:

Benchmarking of wind and biomass-based electricity production conditions in France, Italy, Belgium, Spain

This study consisted in comparing the wind and biomass incentive schemes and regulatory systems in force in these countries. It provided a detailed and complete analysis of the feed-in tariff schemes and green certificates, with a profitability analysis of a "generic" wind farm and biomass-based generation unit of 10 MW, with an average nominal output of 2000, 2800 and 5000 yearly hours, respectively.

Market research related to the Italian hydro industry

Zelya Energy helped a client – a European Energy group – obtain a better understanding of the Spanish Wind market, of its regulation and market players. It followed the classical framework of a market study:

  • Description of the country hydro legal framework (Rules/ Feed-in tariffs/tenders)
  • Presentation of the recent and coming changes of this regulation
  • Market review;
    • Market size: current and historic
    • Evolution of the Italian hydropower sector: data, figures and growth explanation
    • Latest updates/Forecasts: what is the market potential? What may be the drivers for growth? What are the future opportunities on this market?
  • Categories and main market players (manufacturers; developers; producers; maintenance and other types of players)
  • Main players in the sector per category/application
  • Overall strategy of some key market players of the sector