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Our consultants assist Zelya Energy's clients in the valuation of energy assets and firms, particularly in the context of an acquisition or investment.

We apply the most suitable valuation methods for the company's business, whether it is already "up and running" or looking for development capital. We have developed solid and comprehensive models to evaluate gas and electricity networks, power plant projects with regulated tariffs or market prices and many other kind of assets and firms of the energy sector...

Types of assets and firms evaluated:

  • firms involved in commercialization, trading, production and services in the energy sector
  • power plants: wind, solar, biomass, combined gas cycle, biogas, cogeneration, coal, hydraulic...
  • infrastructures and networks: shipping and distribution networks for gas and electricity, storage installations, regasification...

Calculating Profitability & WACC

Weighted Average Cost of Capital (WACC) is one of the key elements in calculating the price of an asset or an energy project. The energy sector comprises a wide variety of players and infrastructures, often combining regulated and unregulated businesses...
Over the last few years, we have produced several reports on WACC and its "breakdown" depending on the type of infrastructure. Our customers benefit from this knowledge, combined with our expertise in the energy sector.

We respond to key investor concerns:

  • by calculating and precisely determining WACC parameters
  • by including essential variables in our calculations: country risks, exchange rates, regulated tariffs, revenues on the market or guaranteed by the State...
  • ...and quantifying their impact on the WACC value for the asset concerned