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Zelya Energy can work with owners of energy assets or energy firms to help them sell their shares or find new investors. We offer our experience in Finance and Energy to help you determine the value of your assets and to facilitate your negotiations.

Presentation file & Evaluation

Zelya Energy prepares the presentation of your firm, which serves as a reference document throughout the sales negotiations and is sent to all potential buyers. For this type of transaction, specific documents are required.

Our experience in this type of project will enable you to put together a solid case. At the same time, our analysts prepare the necessary financial models with you (Base Case models) for the negotiations and estimation your asset's sale price.

Assistance with the negotiations & Term Sheet

Once your file has been sent to potential buyers, Zelya Energy organizes the data room, visits to the site, management presentations, while supervising the acquisition audit and preserving confidentiality.

We also help you with formalizing the letter of intent (or Term Sheet) and establishing the bases for the transaction (valuation, means of payment, financing and guarantees).